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 Here at Train Protect Defend, we stress the importance of continuing education training and skills improvement.  We believe in this so much that we are constantly training to improve our skills and learn new techniques and disciplines. Owner and Chief Trainer, Walt Mayfield, has been doing just that for the past few weeks.  At the beginning of September, he attended the Texas First Responder Carry Instructor course along with 28 other instructors across the State. During this course, Texas DPS Instructors went into detail on how to perform and conduct the many live fire drills and how to deliver the classroom content created for this course.  This three-day course included a night time-low light course which was very beneficial to the audience in which this class is indeed an incident that involves first responders typically occurring at night. Walt was in one of the first three groups in Texas that attended this training. Now that Walt is a certified Instructor we will begin offering this course in December of 2023.


He hit the road again a week later and traveled to Cascade Wisconsin to attend the USCCA AR-15 Instructor class. This was only the second class offered to USCCA Official Partners by the staff at USCCA headquarters. Walt got the opportunity to train with 24 other instructors from around the US. This was another great course with a lot of range time. Walt successfully completed this course and obtained his instructor certification.

We are glad he’s back and look forward to offering these great classes.  Walt shot over a thousand rounds just in the last few weeks between these courses and his normal personal development and maintaining his shooting skills.

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