Product Review – Sig Romeo 1 Pro

For many years I have heard alot about red dot sights on pistols. I have always been intrigued but leary due to the cost.  As a firearms instructor I work to stay proficient and constantly working to improve my shooting.  I have however struggled with vision issues as I am cross dominant and have issues with my right eye. I have worked hard to improve my ability to shoot with both eyes and focus more on repetition and muscle memory when aiming. In May 2022 I took the plunge and purchased the Romeo 1 Pro from Amazon for my EDC pistol (Sig P320 X Carry). I absolutely love it. So far I have shot over 2500 rounds with it and it has worked with no issue. The Romeo 1 Pro does not fit the P320 X Carry so I had to make a minor modification to my gun to make it work. That was a personal choice that I made knowing in advance that it would not fit. It is important to do the research to get red dots that fit your particular gun if it is optic ready. Otherwise you will need a gunsmith to install your red dot sight.