Texas First Responder Carry Course

On September 1, 2021 HB No. 1069 became effective. HB No. 1069, will allow first responders in Texas who meet certain criteria to carry a handgun while on duty and in places normally prohibited by license to carry holders. This law was introduced and passed because of the growing violence against first responders, especially in rural areas where there is an increased response time by law enforcement. H.B. 1069 allows first responders in counties and municipalities with smaller populations to defend themselves. Certain first responders that have a Texas License to Carry, obtain personal liability insurance and specific training by certified instructors can carry while on duty. First Responders may not carry on duty if in a municipality that has adopted an ordinance, order, or other measure that generally prohibits a first responder from carrying on duty unless the first responder works for a municipality with a population of 30,000 or less and a county with population of 250,000 or less as defined by Section 179.002 occupation code.

In September of this year (2022) Train Protect Defend Owner and primary instructor attended the newly developed instructor training. He was one of the approximately 72 instructors in the State of Texas to be certified to teach the first responder carry course. This course is 28 hours over three days.  This very informative class includes but is not limited to Instinctive or reactive shooting, tactical shooting, shooting while moving, and shooting in low light conditions.

Volunteers or other responders that do not meet the previously mentioned definitions of a first responder as defined by Section 773.003, Health and Safety Code and Section 419.021, Government Code, will not receive a certificate but will benefit greatly from taking this course.

Our first class for this new course will be in January. Please click here to register. If you want to learn more about this course and see if it’s right for you, email us at info@trainprotectdefend.com.


We Train Too!

 Here at Train Protect Defend, we stress the importance of continuing education training and skills improvement.  We believe in this so much that we are constantly training to improve our skills and learn new techniques and disciplines. Owner and Chief Trainer, Walt Mayfield, has been doing just that for the past few weeks.  At the beginning of September, he attended the Texas First Responder Carry Instructor course along with 28 other instructors across the State. During this course, Texas DPS Instructors went into detail on how to perform and conduct the many live fire drills and how to deliver the classroom content created for this course.  This three-day course included a night time-low light course which was very beneficial to the audience in which this class is indeed an incident that involves first responders typically occurring at night. Walt was in one of the first three groups in Texas that attended this training. Now that Walt is a certified Instructor we will begin offering this course in December of 2023.


He hit the road again a week later and traveled to Cascade Wisconsin to attend the USCCA AR-15 Instructor class. This was only the second class offered to USCCA Official Partners by the staff at USCCA headquarters. Walt got the opportunity to train with 24 other instructors from around the US. This was another great course with a lot of range time. Walt successfully completed this course and obtained his instructor certification.

We are glad he’s back and look forward to offering these great classes.  Walt shot over a thousand rounds just in the last few weeks between these courses and his normal personal development and maintaining his shooting skills.

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365 Days Later with Train Protect Defend

365 Days Later with Train Protect Defend

1 Year Ago Walt Mayfield left his full time corporate job following God’s direction, and decided to take his passion for safety and firearms full time. With hard work and creativity in business, he’s still going strong and doing new things after a year. From new skills and services he’s taken Train Protect Defend to a place where it can only get bigger and better! We as a family and as a company have seen God’s hand and provision over again and are we are excited about what the future holds. 

In the past year we have been at numerous gun shows helping people get what they need to protect their family. We have provided Texas LTC courses and Basic Handgun Lessons to help people know how to efficiently and safely use a firearm. And as a company we have worked alongside USCCA and local gun ranges to provide the training people need when they do have to use these means to protect them and their family. 

Walt’s family has stepped in to help him make this business a success. Mckenna Mayfield, Walt’s daughter, has taken the special role of firearm sales. She goes with him to gun shows across DFW to help with the sale of firearms. She said her favorite thing about going to these gun shows is getting to meet so many different people with similar interests. She has developed amazing friendships with other vendors and loves the atmosphere at these shows. Molly Mayfield, Walt’s other daughter, has taken on the role of social media and marketing. She helps capture all the classes and private lessons and keeps everyone up to date on future events and promotions. Her favorite thing about this is being able to use the power of social media and influencing for something that can actual help someone and their family. 

Walt’s wife has been such an amazing help around gun shows and helps with the backbone of the business with the financial side of things. They all work together to ensure that the company is growing and showing success. She comes to gun shows to help with sales and ensures that there is support for set up and tear down. She goes over the numbers after every gun show to make sure all of the records are kept up with. 

Walt has successfully completed the following courses in the last year, USCCA Certified Instructor, USCCA Range Safety Officer, and the USCCA Certified Training Counselor.  Walt also completed the State of Texas First Responder Carry Course Instructor Certification and he will be headed back to USCCA HeadQuarters in Wisconsin to complete the new AR-15 Instructor course. These courses have greatly expanded the training opportunities offered to our students.

The family’s dedication to this business is the backbone of its success. As a business they strive on following God’s direction and training people daily to help them use a firearm safely and efficiently. Train Protect Defend would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us grow the company in the last year. We cannot wait to grow more in this next year!