Texas Level 3 Security Officer
Firearms Training Re-Qualification

This is the shooting only live fire qualification for Level 3 Security Officers in Texas for re-certification.

You must have completed the required 6 hour classroom training for Level 3 Officers prior to this live fire qualification.  You must bring the printed copy of your or PSP-31 Class Completion Certificate to the qualification.

What to Bring To The Range

      • Footwear that covers the entire foot (mandatory)

      • A shirt with a conservative neckline (suggested, to protect against hot brass)

      • Handgun (unless renting), should be in clean and safe working order. Minimum caliber for Level 3 Security License Qualification is 9mm.

        • At least TWO empty magazines required for semi-autos

        • Firearms must be transported in a case, holster, or bag when entering/leaving the range

        • 50 rounds of ammunition,(If renting bring 50 rounds of 9mm). Minimum caliber for Level 3 Security License Qualification is 9mm. All ammo must be brass-cased, factory ammo. No reloads.

      • 9 rounds .00 buckshot for shotgun qualification (if conducting shotgun qualification)

      • Hearing Protection (plugs or muffs)

      • Eye protection

      • Copy of their PSB-31 Certificate so the instructor can sign off.

        • It is an additional $20 fee if you arrive at the qualification without your certificate. If you qualify without bringing your certificate we will email your complete certificate within 48 hours after qualification.


Range Locations:

407 Gun Club (Pistol Only) – 831 W FM 407, Argyle, TX, 76226

Proactive Defense (Pistol/Shotgun) – 13800 FM 1171, Northlake, TX 76262

Please do not contact range directly

Directions will be sent in the confirmation emails