Texas DPS now allows 18, 19, & 20 years old to get their license to carry

New change for 18 – 20 year olds in Texas who want their license to carry

The Texas Department of Public Safety posted on their FAQ page that they will no longer deny a persons applications for the TEXAS License to carry solely on the basis that the applicants are 18 to 20 years old.

The following was recently posted on the DPS website:

A federal district court has ruled the Department can no longer apply the License to Carry statutory eligibility criteria that prohibit otherwise eligible 18-to-20 year-olds from obtaining the license. Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P. The Department will therefore no longer deny applications solely on the basis that the applicants are 18-to-20 years old.


This has a significant impact on individuals who want to carry on campus. Currently, only an individual who has a license to carry can carry a handgun on a college campus and the firearm must be concealed.

How to get your license to carry

Step 1 – Apply Online

Go HERE to begin the Texas DPS license to carry / concealed handgun license application.Unless you are returning to the site to check the application status, select the “Apply” button under “New Users” at the bottom of the page .

What is the cost? The Texas DPS processing fee is different from our class fee.

$40 Standard Fee for Initial License

$25 Military Veteran – ETS or Retired over 365 days

$0 Active Duty – Includes Active Guard, Texas State Guard & Reserves

Once the application has been completed, it is recommended to save a copy of the confirmation page at the end. You should also receive an email confirmation from DPS. Usually the email address from the DPS will have “RDS” in it, which stands for regulatory services. I have seen these emails go to the spam folder before, so just keep an eye out for it.

Step 2 – Fingerprinting:

All fingerprinting is done through a private company, Identogo. Unfortunately, even if you have been fingerprinted by them in the past, you will still have to go again for the LTC/CHL. In the confirmation email received, there is a link to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting with Identogo. They do not accept walk-ins. You must schedule an appointment and pay ($10).

Step 3 – Complete an approved course and submit LTC-100 / LTC-101 Certificate

The LTC-100 is the form received after completing the LTC/CHL class. If an online LTC class was taken, an LTC-101 should have been issued. The LTC-101 is only complete and ready to submit once the shooting qualification has been taken as well.

These forms should never be submitted to DPS until after the online application has been started with the above steps. It is possible to submit the forms before the application has been started, but DPS will not know what to do with it as there will be no account to attach it to.

A. Start by going HERE. This link will take you directly to the DPS RSD (regulatory services division) for handgun licensing and LTC-100/CHL-100/LTC-101 submission

Step 4 – Wait!

All that is left now to do is wait. DPS states that applications take up to 60 days to process, however it seems lately they are only taking 2-4 weeks.

Online Texas License to Carry Course

Train Protect Defend’s Online Texas LTC Class + Group Proficiency Demonstration

  • Get certified online!
  • Instant access after purchase. Take the class at your own pace from any device.
  • Includes a group proficiency demonstration through Train, Protect, Defend conducted every Wednesday at 407 Gun Club In Argyle from 4p-6p.
  • You can rent a gun from us to use during the shooting portion if you don’t have one.

Product Review – Sig Romeo 1 Pro

For many years I have heard alot about red dot sights on pistols. I have always been intrigued but leary due to the cost.  As a firearms instructor I work to stay proficient and constantly working to improve my shooting.  I have however struggled with vision issues as I am cross dominant and have issues with my right eye. I have worked hard to improve my ability to shoot with both eyes and focus more on repetition and muscle memory when aiming. In May 2022 I took the plunge and purchased the Romeo 1 Pro from Amazon for my EDC pistol (Sig P320 X Carry). I absolutely love it. So far I have shot over 2500 rounds with it and it has worked with no issue. The Romeo 1 Pro does not fit the P320 X Carry so I had to make a minor modification to my gun to make it work. That was a personal choice that I made knowing in advance that it would not fit. It is important to do the research to get red dots that fit your particular gun if it is optic ready. Otherwise you will need a gunsmith to install your red dot sight.


Come and take it!

As a born and raised Texan, Second Amendment Advocate, and Firearms Instructor, the phrase “Come and Take It” is very important to me. What does it mean? In today’s current political climate we support the second amendment. Advocates cling to the interpretation that it means “leave my firearms alone” to anyone who threatens our rights as Americans to bear arms and protect ourselves from criminals and tyranny!  That is exactly how this term came to be as it was written on a flag that flew above a cannon that protected Fort Gonzales here in the great State of Texas. In 1835 the Texians who lived in Fort Gonzales began to rebel against the Mexican Government after one of their own was beaten by a Mexican soldier. When the Mexican Government wanted their cannon back, Fort Gonzales responded by saying “Come and Take It”. A flag was flown above the cannon with a Star,a cannon, and the simple phrase “Come and Take It”. When the Mexican Army tried to confiscate the cannon on October 2, 1835 they were met with a large resistance force and the very cannon that they came to take. Today we face a similar over reach by politicians who threaten our second amendment rights to defend our family and loved ones.  They falsely claim that their intentions are not to take away our rights, but to protect helpless Americans from mass shooter violence. They use alot of statistics and examples that are franklity a lie.  But don’t take my word on it, look them up for yourself. Don’t fall victim to the socialist leaning politicians, instead do your homework and vote them out. As our fellow Texans did in 1835, let’s stand up for what is right and protect our constitutional rights from these pro gun-control politicians by voting them out of office. Do this so that we don’t have to defend ourselves like they did at Fort Gonzales. Click on the link below for a more in-depth article about Fort Gonzales and the Come and Take It Flag.


Texas First Responder Carry Course

On September 1, 2021 HB No. 1069 became effective. HB No. 1069, will allow first responders in Texas who meet certain criteria to carry a handgun while on duty and in places normally prohibited by license to carry holders. This law was introduced and passed because of the growing violence against first responders, especially in rural areas where there is an increased response time by law enforcement. H.B. 1069 allows first responders in counties and municipalities with smaller populations to defend themselves. Certain first responders that have a Texas License to Carry, obtain personal liability insurance and specific training by certified instructors can carry while on duty. First Responders may not carry on duty if in a municipality that has adopted an ordinance, order, or other measure that generally prohibits a first responder from carrying on duty unless the first responder works for a municipality with a population of 30,000 or less and a county with population of 250,000 or less as defined by Section 179.002 occupation code.

In September of this year (2022) Train Protect Defend Owner and primary instructor attended the newly developed instructor training. He was one of the approximately 72 instructors in the State of Texas to be certified to teach the first responder carry course. This course is 28 hours over three days.  This very informative class includes but is not limited to Instinctive or reactive shooting, tactical shooting, shooting while moving, and shooting in low light conditions.

Volunteers or other responders that do not meet the previously mentioned definitions of a first responder as defined by Section 773.003, Health and Safety Code and Section 419.021, Government Code, will not receive a certificate but will benefit greatly from taking this course.

Our first class for this new course will be in January. Please click here to register. If you want to learn more about this course and see if it’s right for you, email us at info@trainprotectdefend.com.


We Train Too!

 Here at Train Protect Defend, we stress the importance of continuing education training and skills improvement.  We believe in this so much that we are constantly training to improve our skills and learn new techniques and disciplines. Owner and Chief Trainer, Walt Mayfield, has been doing just that for the past few weeks.  At the beginning of September, he attended the Texas First Responder Carry Instructor course along with 28 other instructors across the State. During this course, Texas DPS Instructors went into detail on how to perform and conduct the many live fire drills and how to deliver the classroom content created for this course.  This three-day course included a night time-low light course which was very beneficial to the audience in which this class is indeed an incident that involves first responders typically occurring at night. Walt was in one of the first three groups in Texas that attended this training. Now that Walt is a certified Instructor we will begin offering this course in December of 2023.


He hit the road again a week later and traveled to Cascade Wisconsin to attend the USCCA AR-15 Instructor class. This was only the second class offered to USCCA Official Partners by the staff at USCCA headquarters. Walt got the opportunity to train with 24 other instructors from around the US. This was another great course with a lot of range time. Walt successfully completed this course and obtained his instructor certification.

We are glad he’s back and look forward to offering these great classes.  Walt shot over a thousand rounds just in the last few weeks between these courses and his normal personal development and maintaining his shooting skills.

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Why carrying a handgun matters

Considering the recent shootings, you might be asking what to do in this situation. It is hard not to wonder what would happen if you were put in a difficult situation like a mass shooting or even a minor incident. Having the idea of getting rid of guns will never turn into a reality. Guns will never get out of the hands of evil. It is our choice whether we will take a stand and do what we can to protect ourselves. Having these tools to protect ourselves is important because first responders will take a lot longer than you will if you are present in the event. The average response time for first responders/police is 7 minutes. In the Columbine shooting, 10 people were killed and 12 were wounded in 7 ½ minutes. You can see with this example how every minute risks more and more damage being done. 

We want you to make educated decisions about carrying a gun because it is vitally important to feel safe in this world. There are certain resources that can help you feel more confident in carrying a gun. We at Train Protect Defend always recommend training and education to keep you informed about shooting and firearms. Getting your LTC gives you more protection in the event that you need to use your firearm. Finally having support like USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Associations) can help you feel even more confident carrying on a daily basis. 

Elisjsha Dicken

Maybe Guns Aren’t the Problem, Maybe They’re the Solution.

Maybe Guns Aren’t the Problem, Maybe They’re the Solution.

What we are conditioned to believe is that guns are the highest cause of death and that we need to improve gun laws to improve the safety of our people. The only thing gun laws are keeping away is guns for lawful citizens. Criminals will and always will get access to weapons because they do not listen to the laws. So you take guns away from law abiding citizens and you get a situation where you cannot protect yourself when someone who doesnt care about the law uses a weapon unrightfully so. 

A 22 year old man,Elisjsha Dicken, was put into this situation in Indiana. He was viewed as a hero for saving countless lives during a shooting in a mall 15 miles south of Indianapolis. Within two minutes of the shots being fired by the shooter, Dicken was able to take down the threat with the legal firearm he was carrying. So hypothetically speaking, say we take away gun rights and add strict laws to prevent Dicken,for example, from having one. Imagine the lives lost because no one was able to prevent the shooting from going any further. If there is no way to prevent criminals from carrying weapons (because they don’t listen to the law) then why are we trying to take them away from those who can protect themselves and others around them. Dickens was put into a situation where cops were not around to protect him so he was left to protect himself and those around him because he was a law abiding citizen who supports the 2nd amendment of being able to bear arms freely. 

At the end of the day the person shooting the gun with evil intentions is the problem, not the weapon. Take away guns and people will still find a way to cause harm to others. This incident could have been alot worse if our right to bear arms was not there. For more information about the shooting in Indiana click on the link here:

What We Know About The Heroic 22-Year-Old Man Who Stopped A Mass Shooting In Indiana


Why should you get your Texas License to Carry?

Website Articles

When out talking to people more than one person will say “but you don’t need a license to carry in the State of Texas anymore”, and that is correct. But my response to them is “you should have one”. There are many reasons.

  • Airport: License holders have protections related  to the accidental carrying of a firearm in the secured area.
  • Business: Businesses may choose to allow licensed carry on their premises.
  • Government Meetings: License holders can carry in a meeting.
  • University Campuses: License still required to carry on university campuses; “Campus Carry” is unchanged. 
  • License can be used as an alternative to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check for gun purchases.

  • Personal Identification: The license must be accepted by most businesses as a valid form of personal identification.
  • Voter ID: The license is a designated document for voter ID.
  • Texas Handgun License holders can carry firearms in states where Texas has a reciprocity agreement or state law recognizes the Texas Handgun license.

While these are just some of the benefits, having the training and the experience of shooting through getting your license to carry it makes it all that much worth it. We want you to feel safe and comfortable with the methods you choose to protect yourselves a firearm. With our training you will walk away feeling proficient and confident in using your firearm.

Go to this link below for more information on why getting your Texas LTC helps protect you!