ASP Basic Certification


The ASP Basic Handcuffing and Baton Course is a comprehensive training program designed to provide law enforcement officers and security personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively and safely use handcuffs and batons in the line of duty. The course covers a range of techniques and principles, focusing on the proper and lawful application of these tools to ensure the safety of the officer and the subject.

Introduction to ASP Tools:

  • Overview of ASP handcuffs and batons, including their design, features, and applications.

  • Understanding the legal and ethical considerations of using these tools.

Handcuffing Techniques:

  • Proper procedures for applying and removing handcuffs.

  • Techniques for handcuffing compliant and non-compliant subjects.

  • Situational handcuffing methods, including standing, kneeling, and prone positions.

  • Emphasis on safety, control, and maintaining subject dignity.

Baton Usage:

  • Introduction to the ASP expandable baton and its components.

  • Basic strikes, jabs, and defensive maneuvers.

  • Proper grip, stance, and movement techniques.

  • Use of force continuum and when to appropriately deploy the baton.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Assess threats and determine appropriate levels of force.

  • Transitioning between handcuffing and baton use.

  • Situational awareness and decision-making under stress.

  • De-escalation techniques and verbal commands.

Practical Application:

  • Hands-on training with both handcuffs and batons.

  • Role-playing scenarios to practice techniques in realistic settings.

  • Partner drills to enhance proficiency and confidence.

  • Feedback and coaching from certified ASP instructors.

Safety and Maintenance:

  • Proper care and maintenance of ASP handcuffs and batons.

  • Inspection procedures to ensure equipment is in working order.

  • Safety protocols to prevent accidental injury or misuse.

Target Audience:

  • Law enforcement officers (police, sheriffs, correctional officers).

  • Security personnel and guards.

  • Military police and other armed forces members.

  • Any professionals authorized to carry and use handcuffs and batons in their line of duty.


  • Participants who complete the course will receive an ASP Basic Handcuffing and Baton Certification.

Course Duration:

  • This course combines classroom instruction and hands-on practice over two days.

  • This course ensures that participants are well-prepared to use handcuffs and batons safely, effectively, and by legal standards.


  • Tactical Baton (8 hours)- $150

  • Handcuff (6 hours) – $100

  • Combined (Day one 8 hours and Day two 6 hours)- $250

Equipment Requirements:

  • ASP Tactical Baton & Scabbard/Holder.  (Only ASP batons are permitted in this course.)

  • Wear shoes with good lateral support & Rubber Sole 

  • Pants with belt loops 

  • An inner belt is what is most needed, so you don’t have to tear down your duty rig (You may wear your duty belt)

  • We will provide all training equipment to be used during training  

  • Bring what you will need to stay hydrated

  • Note-Taking Material (pen, pencil, and paper to take notes in the classroom)

  • No functional firearms, live ammunition,OC spray, or knives are allowed at the training5


Range Locations:

407 Gun Club (Pistol Only) – 831 W FM 407, Argyle, TX, 76226

Please do not contact range directly

Directions will be sent in the confirmation emails

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