Texas Online License to Carry Course

Get your Texas LTC in 3 steps

1. Study and Pass the Online Course – Take the classroom portion and pass the online test.
2. Demonstrate Shooting Proficiency – After completing the online course, you will receive an LTC-101 certificate that you will take to the in-person shooting portion session. Once you pass this portion, your instructor will complete the LTC-101 certificate for your LTC application.
3. Apply for Your LTC – File the required application for the Texas LTC with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

About this Online Course:

Fulfills the classroom training requirement for a Texas LTC
4 hours long and can be taken at your own pace from anywhere.
Broken into 15-20 min video segments.
Start the class immediately after purchase, or later
Start and stop the class as many times as needed
6 months is provided to complete it
Entirely audio/video based
Closed Captioning available for all audio
Easy multiple choice test at the end (as required by TX DPS)
LTC-101 Certificate of completion immediately available to download

The OnlineTexasLTC.com class is taught by an instructor with current law enforcement experience in a large municipality. This unique perspective gives additional insight when it comes to concealed carry. The information provided is relevant, accurate and applies to the real world.

Why Obtain a Texas License to Carry?

Even with the passage of Texas HB 1927, which allows for the permitless carry of a handgun in Texas, most people are still choosing to get a License to Carry. Permitless carry is very restricted when compared to the LTC. The Texas LTC gives legal protections and multiple benefits when carrying a gun that are not covered under permitless/constitutional carry in Texas. Not only are there advantages within Texas law for having an LTC, the online class also covers material that every gun owner is responsible to know and is crucial to be aware of. Benefits of the LTC include:

– Trespass Protections – Campus Carry – School Zone Carry – Carry in 37 States – Peace of Mind When Carrying – Law Enforcement Interactions – No Background Checks When Buying Guns – Protection If Carrying Past No Gun Signs – Learn the Carry Laws – Legal Protections of an LTC