Jennifer M

Walt is the perfect instructor regardless of your comfort level/experience with firearms. If you’ve been hesitating, don’t wait one more second to sign up for any of his programs. Before attending his Women’s Defense Training class, I was terrified to operate my own hand gun. I froze up in class and found myself hesitating the pull the trigger. Walt’s patience was limitless and he knew the right way to gently and effectively help me overcome my fear. By the end of class, I felt infinitely more confident in my ability to safely operate my gun. Walt did a fantastic job of talking about real-world situations and keeping class light and positive. He gave great tips to moms on storage with kids in the house and was able to optimize his teachings for a class with various levels of experience. Was really neat to have his daughter there helping with the class as well. Looking forward to taking more lessons from him.

Cherie J

Walt is the best! I met him in a class he was teaching and I knew instantly that I wanted him to be the one to train me. I see him regularly. He helped me choose and purchase the firearm that's best for me; made it so simple.

Adam R

Walt is a excellent teacher and truly cares. learned so much and he kept it fun and interesting the entire time. I drove 3 and a half hours for this course and I would do it again.

James H

Excellent LTC course. Walt is extremely knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have. He’s also just an all-around great guy and very friendly. My wife is currently a nursing mother and Walt was very helpful and gracious in allowing for an altered class schedule so she could stay with her pumping schedule. If you’re looking for a solid LTC class in the area, this is the place to go!
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